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Unleash Your Full Potential...
You're not the kind of person that can run 5k and ask your friends for sponsorship. 
You want an event that will test you, and measure what you're really capable of. 

The Hurly Burly is the UK's wildest 10km swim, set in early Autumn in Wales.
It's a beautiful swim set on a fast incoming spring tide - this WILL be your quickest 10km yet!


You wade into the clear water and see the sandy bottom. The chill catches your breath but you take your time, relax and start swimming 
The wild, mountainous landscape on the edge of Snowdonia captivates you as you gently reconnect with nature and become one with the water.
The estuary is wide and you're slightly disorientated, but you follow a safety kayak guiding you with the tide.
Surrounded by hundreds of other brave souls, you smile. You're totally alone, yet part of something big.
These are people like you - all with unique stories and journeys - and together you share this very individual adventure.
After a while the estuary narrows, sheltering the way for you and bringing you closer to the surrounding nature.
As the river narrows, the water speeds you up. You can almost touch the bank, it's not long now.
One last push, and a hero's finish greets you at Penmaenpool. 

You are a part of something bigger than you.
Together you share the warm glow of achievement, the excitement of the journey and the satisfaction that it's behind you.

You've just swum your fastest 10k ever!
Whilst warming up and savouring the local mouth watering food you quietly congratulate yourself on finishing a tough but incredibly fulfilling challenge.
Nothing beats the Hurly Burly, energising mind and body through picturesque North Wales


You'll not only swim your quickest 10km ever, Level Water are offering you a ticket … at half price!

We are a charity that teaches disabled children to swim.
Your adventure empowers disabled children to learn how to conquer the water.


Imagine the look on a child’s face as they learn to swim… smiling, confident, having a blast.
Imagine the joy of the parents watching their children overcome the challenge of swimming and laughing among friends. 
This is what we do it for!  

Your participation in the Hurly Burly makes it all happen!

Your fundraising will go directly to helping us fund our programs to empower disabled children to swim together with friends and have the time of their lives.


Along with your spot in the swim, you will get training kit (sports bottle, technical t-shirt and swimming hat), and our energetic support as we cheer you on at the event. 
We just want to ask one thing, that you do as well as you can to raise £200 of sponsorship – you swimming the fastest you've ever swum means Amanda in Plymouth gets 20 lessons that didn't exist before.

Swim the Hurly Burly with Level Water on Saturday 29th September 2018
There are great campsites, hotels and apartments waiting for you, it’s an absolutely beautiful place to spend the weekend.

P.S. If you’re still reading this, there are still half-price tickets available, but they won’t be around for long as this is a very popular event!
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"I saw the ad on facebook and decided to sign up as a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I have always swum from a very young age and have recently gotten into open water swimming (having only previously swam in pools). I have been looking for a good cause to support and I was drawn to Level Water as I am a firm believer that all children should be given the opportunity to learn to swim." Ben
This Event is held Saturday, 29th September 2018. 

Remember the Dart 10k? Swimming's epic marathon? That's the one. You're in safe hands as the same people organise this event (The open water pro's - The Outdoor Swimming Society) AND they've chosen us as their charity this year! 


The Hurly Burly is only suitable for swimmers who can sustain a 35-minutes-per-mile pace in open water or pool without big push offs. 
If you swim slower than this you risk running out of time to complete the swim before the tide turns.
The swim is for over 16s. If under 18 you must have parental consent.


Skin swimmers are very welcome at the Hurly Burly by application.
Permission is granted on the basis of prior proven experience of swims of this length and temperature, whether undertaken personally or as part of an event, and on the basis of current training. In granting permission to swim in skins, we are looking for evidence of similar prior experience and/or a recent monitored two hour swim in similar temperature water. Please note that non-wetsuit permission cannot be guaranteed at entry because it depends on current training.


- Friday night registration is available around tea time – it’s an early start on Saturday so make it if you can! 
  Solo travellers and social swimmers: we’re making a plan for a suppertime meet (come back for details).
- Saturday registration will be early (7ish)
- Run-swimmers will board coaches in Barmouth between 7-8am
- Swimmers and run-swimmers will leave Barmouth for their swim around 9.30am.
- Runners will leave Barmouth after 9.30am.
- Spectator coaches will take spectators to the event finish when around 10am (there is NO parking at the finish).
- All participants will be reunited at the event finish around midday, where we’ll celebrate with food and fire pits. 
  Coaches will returning people back to  Barmouth for the next few hours.
P.P.S. There are still places left but you must be quick, sign up NOW!
"I love the privilege and thrill of, on that one day, being able to be totally immersed in nature at its most beautiful and raw; and I love that each moment is a challenge and chance to lose myself in the flow and rhythm of swimming.
I’m going back as it was such a tough but fulfilling experience." Mike
We are a small charity (but growing fast) and support from people like you makes a big difference to the number of disabled children we can teach to swim. 

We are aware of scams on social media and want to reassure you we are a geniune charity who help 450 children with disabilites learn to swim each week.
Check out our charity details here with the Charity Commission  - Charity Number: 1151510 

If you want to know more about us or have a query on the fundraising please email Colette at or visit